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NEWS: BBC News 14/05/2012 - Avon and Somerset Police are looking at claims Merseyside Police sat on evidence which could have freed a man convicted of murdering his wife. -read more below... - Follow EddieGilfoyle on Twitter

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On 6th December 2012 we celebrate the launch our new booklet 'The Case of Eddie Gilfoyle' at a Parliamentary Reception at the House of Lords hosted by Lord Hunt Of Wirral. This new booklet outlines the facts of Eddie Gilfoyle's case and the serious errors, non-disclosure and misconduct which caused this innocent man to be treated unjustly at every stage of the criminal justice process. Read the booklet in PDF format by following this link to the website of our London based campaign support group:

RECENT NEWS - 14/05/2012:
In March 2012, Merseyside Police agreed to the appointment of Avon and Somerset Police to investigate why it took at least 16 years to disclose to the defence Paula Gilfoyle's diaries. The diaries, dating from Paula's teens to her late 20s, reveal she took an overdose, stood by an early boyfriend who cheated on her with a girl he then killed, and kept a note from another boyfriend saying he intended to kill himself. Paula kept the diaries and letters in her metal keepsake box. Lawyers for Eddie want to know why this evidence was not disclosed to them until 2010. The material was not disclosed for two appeal hearings in 1995 and 2000. In January 2012, the Criminal Cases Review Commission told the Times newspaper that it was ‘checking whether Merseyside Police had breached the Criminal Appeal Act by failing to show it the diary,’

In February 2012, Merseyside Police had with the agreement of Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary appointed Humberside Police to carry out the investigation. But, Humberside Police were replaced by Avon and Somerset Police when the Times Newspaper pointed out that to allow Humberside Police to investigate there would be the potential for a conflict of interest. A former Chief Constable of Humberside had a previous involvement in Eddie's case. In 1995 he was an Assistant Chief Constable in Merseyside. He was involved in the disciplinary process against the Merseyside police officers who had originally investigated Eddie’s case.

In a letter to Eddie's solicitors, Avon and Somerset Police said that they had ‘a desire to seek the truth.’

Liverpool Echo;-
Merseyside Police have said 'We can confirm that the Chief Constable of Merseyside Police has asked the Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset Police to conduct a review into the handling of exhibits in relation to the murder of Paula Gilfoyle.'Read the article here

BBC News;-
'Avon and Somerset Police are looking at claims Merseyside Police sat on evidence which could have freed a man convicted of murdering his wife.' Read the article here

RECENT NEWS - 30/03/2012:

NEW: Eddie Gilfoyles sister, Sue Caddick, spoke at a Symposium in London on the Criminal Cases Review Commission organised by Innocence Network UK Bristol University. Sue's speech can be viewed on YouTube, it is in two parts: Part 1, Part 2.

The event was also reported in the recent edition of the Law Gazette - download it here

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In June 1992, Paula Gilfoyle was found hanging in the garage of her marital home in Upton, Wirral. An anguished hand-written suicide note was left to her husband, Eddie Gilfoyle, which told Eddie not to blame himself and to find happiness without her. Merseyside Police who attended the scene were confident that it was a suicide and so were extremely cavalier with the physical evidence. No photographs were taken, evidence was removed from the scene and destroyed and mandatory police procedures were not carried out.

Over the next couple of days, friends and family of Paula came forward to explain how happy Paula was to be expecting a child and that she would never of done this, it must be murder, by her husband Eddie's hand. And so the case begun against Eddie Gilfoyle.

Eddie has been in prison for 18 years, has had two appeals and although is now released he will never be free until his conviction is overturned and he has cleared his name.

At the House of Lords press conference in March 2011, Eddie said to the media:

“I am no longer in jail but I will always be a prisoner while this conviction is over my head. I never killed my wife and I never killed my baby. When the Merseyside Police messed up the scene of my wife's death and destroyed all the evidence they knew that there would be consequences and ramifications because of their actions”.

People need to know what the Police and the justice system are capable of doing to a person's life and their family's to save face of not admitting what they have done wrong. We humbly ask you, please help us, please help us get the message out to the country to stop this from happening to you or your family's. What would you do if it was your son? Your brother? Your uncle? Would you turn a blind eye and give up or would you fight for what is right until the very end?

We have a petition online, please sign it if you would like to help us get justice for Eddie. We are aiming for 5,000 signatures. Thank you.


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