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Professor David Canter

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Professor David Canter an eminent psychologist had originally been ready to testify for the prosecution at Eddie’s trial. His evidence was ruled inadmissible. In 1993, his opinion – based on limited material provided by Merseyside Police - was that Paula had not killed herself.


 The CCRC and Eddie’s lawyer supplied him with further documentary evidence which he’d not previously been shown. This led him to reverse his former view. His new reports conclude that the circumstances of Paula’s death pointed strongly to suicide.


The Court of Appeal refused to hear Professor Canter’s evidence. 


The reports as mentioned above are available for download - see below:

View and Download:

Suicide without precursors - Professor David Canter:

Suicide without precursors - Full version of letter to The Times, January 2012, by Professor David Canter:

Suicide or murder? Implicit narratives in the Eddie Gilfoyle Case - by Professor David Canter:

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