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Case Documents

A copy of the original envelope and suicide letter handwritten by Paula to Eddie. There is also a police typed transcript of the suicide letter.

A copy of the original envelope and Nigel letter handwritten by Paula to Eddie. There is also a police typed transcript of the letter.

Using a forensic technique called the electro-static document analysis (ESDA) on a notebook used by Paula, it was ascertained she had drafted yet another suicide note.

Professor David Canter's reports.

During the original search in 1992 by Merseyside Police the beginnings of a further suicide letter was found in a footstool in Eddie & Paula's living room.

Paula & Eddie wrote frequently to each other, one of the letters that was written from Paula to Eddie is shown below. Dubbed the 'adoption' letter this was written by Paula to Eddie in October 1991 around the time Paula discovered that she was pregnant. There is also a police typed transcript of the letter available to view.

In August 1992, Detective Superintendent Humphreys of Merseyside Police completed an internal review of the response and management of the scene of Paula's death. Merseyside Police have never disclosed what prompted them to commission this report. His conclusions were damning.

Eddie's barrister at trial, David Turner QC, wrote to Eddie's solicitiors prior to the trial about the lack of preparation for the trial by the defense. 

In 1996, Channel 4 TV broadcast a Trial and Error programme about Eddie’s case. Although he was not named in the film, a former Merseyside Police officer involved in the murder investigation sued the broadcaster for defamation with the assistance of the Police Federation.  This is the unanimous verdict from the jury on meaning (14th June 2002).

Channel 4 television instructed Desmond Browne QC & Matthew Nicklin QC to represent them in the libel proceedings brought by the Merseyside Police Officer. Following the proceedings, they provided the below report to Eddie's solicitors expressing their concerns about the safety of Eddie's conviction. This is the 19 page report that Browne & Nicklin provided to Eddie's solicitors.

A key eye witness in the case, Maureen Piper, told the Merseyside Police that she had seen Paula in the local post office after a time when Eddie was supposed to of killed her. At the time she saw Paula, Eddie was accounted for at work. This important witness later told the Lancashire Police that after she made her statement, Merseyside Police returned and told her that they were "scrubbing her statement". This document is an extract of a letter from the CPS to the Merseyside Police confirming the above statement.

This is an extract from the heavily redacted Lancashire Police report which states that when the original search of the garage at Grafton drive was conducted, PC Cartwright was adamant that the 'Practice' noose / rope was not in the drawer at the time.  

Following the conclusion of the Lancashire Police re-investigation, the Police Complaints Commission issued the below press release saying that doubts about the safety of the conviction have been brought to their attention and that those doubts have been drawn to the attention of the Crown Prosecution Service and the Merseyside Police.

In 2001 Eddie changed his name by deed poll to 'Innocent Norman Edward Gilfoyle'.

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