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Extract from CPS letter to Merseyside Police (Maureen Piper)

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A key eye witness in the case, Maureen Piper, told the Merseyside Police that she had seen Paula in the local post office after a time when Eddie was supposed to of killed her. At the time she saw Paula, Eddie was accounted for at work. This important witness later told the Lancashire Police that after she made her statement, Merseyside Police returned and told her that they were "scrubbing her statement". Her statement was put in the 'unused material' and was effectively out of reach of the defense. Consequently she was never called to give evidence at the trial. The Merseyside Police told the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) that Mrs Piper had mixed up the sighting of Paula. They said the person Mrs Piper saw was Paula's sister, Susan Dubost. However, Mrs Piper told Lancashire Police that she did not mix up the two sisters, as she knew both of them for a number of years, they were different in appearance and Paula was obviously 8 and a half months pregnant.


The document below is an extract of a letter from the CPS to the Merseyside Police confirming the above.

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