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"I will never be free, until my name is clear"

 Eddie Gilfoyle

  On 4th June 1992, Paula Gilfoyle, 32, was found hanging in the garage of her marital home in Upton, Wirral.
She was eight and a half months pregnant. Her husband, Eddie Gilfoyle, was arrested four days later on suspicion of her murder, despite police finding a hand-written suicide note that was confirmed by experts to be her own writing.
In July 1993 Eddie was convicted of murder and was given a life sentence. Eddie has spent 18 years in jail and has always protested his innocence. Although he was freed in December 2010, Eddie will never be free until his name is cleared and we as the Eddie Gilfoyle Campaign will not stop until justice is served. We implore you to read further about this case, we work with facts and evidence, and all we ask is that you make up your own mind based on what you read and the evidence that has been exposed. Just like us, we believe you will be truly appalled in the way that our ‘Great British Justice System’ has so unfairly treated Eddie Gilfoyle.  
To read about the whole case from start to finish on our website, click here or use the link above, 'The Case'. Alternatively you can download a PDF Booklet here which was kindly put together by Paul May (see below). All documents that are referred to, such as the original suicide letter, are available to be downloaded on the 'Case Documents' page. 

"Neither of us believes that his conviction can be regarded as safe or satisfactory. Neither appeal involved the wide-ranging consideration of the efficiency of the investigation by Merseyside Police."


Desmond Browne QC & Mathew Nicklin QC. Lawyers for Channel Four -Trial & Error.

The Times Newspaper 21st April 2008.


All Party Parliamentary Group on Miscarriages of Justice (hosted by Barry Sheerman MP)

Eddie Gilfoyle speaks at the launch of Jon Robbins' book, 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent'  

For more videos about the case, go to Media > Videos

"This is becoming a long-running saga of cover-up after cover-up. The home secretary should lift the lid on what has been a catalogue of errors resulting in the most unjust conviction of anybody in my 40 years in parliament."


Lord Hunt of Wirral speaking to The Times Newspaper 

June 24th 2016. Source


Downloadable Booklet 

A booklet about the case, produced by the veteran campaigner Paul May, (Chair of the Eddie Gilfoyle Support Group), is available for you to download here:

Latest News 


Eddie Gilfoyle interviewed by BBC Panorama
May 30th 2018  |  BBC Panorama | Reporter Mark Daly
Eddie Gilfoyle interviewed by BBC Panorama. Reporter Mark Daly looks into whether the Criminal Cases Review Commission, the body tasked with probing alleged Miscarriages of Justice, is fit for purpose. Watch on BBC iPlayer here.
"Miscarriages of justice body is not fit for purpose"
May 30th 2018  |  The Guardian | Reporters Eric Allison, Simon Hattenstone and Owen Bowcott

A group of prominent lawyers claim the official body responsible for investigating alleged miscarriages of justice is not fit for purpose. Details here.

Wrongly imprisoned 'find it harder to appeal convictions'
May 30th 2018  |  BBC News | Reporter Mark Daly
People claiming wrongful imprisonment are finding it harder to overturn convictions because the burden of proof is too high, a former appeal court judge says.
Former Lord Justice Sir Anthony Hooper said the challenge to establish innocence is tougher than ever before. Details here.
"No hope of justice for Eddie Gilfoyle"
November 25th 2017  |  The Times By Dominic Kennedy, Investigations Editor
“Lawyers for Eddie Gilfoyle said there was no hope of establishing the truth after he lost his latest attempt to be cleared of murdering his pregnant wife....” Read the full article.
Catch up on recent news to do with Eddie's campaign in the Chronology section of the website, anything relevant to do with the case will go here, anything that has been in the media recently will be either archived in the news article section of our website or the media section if it has been aired on radio or television (videos).

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